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Level 2

Hi, New Oculus 2 user here. I'm trying to figure out how to fully shut down the Oculus 2 so no battery is being used after charging it to 100% and putting it away for the night. I always come back to find that my battery isn't fully charged (aka at a 100%) and is somehow using battery power when it's not being used. How do I stop this?


I've disabled sleep mode and it still continues to use a small amount of power when it's suppose to be powered off. IMO if you turn off a device it shouldn't be using the battery. I'm hoping I'm overlooking something and Facebook didn't just make a device that can never be truly turned off.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Level 3

Lithium-ion batteries will discharge slowly, even if there's no active power draw.

If I charge my phone to 100% and turn it off until the next day, I will still have 100%. I'm pretty confident that the O2 is always powered on even when "Powered Off" because if you power down and press the power button once it will display the batteries total charge.


You are right about lithium batteries losing some charge over time but this isn't the case. Losing 15-20% battery every 24 hours isn't normal charge lose. Thoughts?

100% agree, I see the same thing. The headset is losing > 15% per day powered off and sleep is not enabled.

I also use a lens cover and the unit doesn't move and is in a box, so no movement/light replies.

Either the batteries are the worst on the planet or the thing connects to home!