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PTC / No PTC please decide what you want

Level 3
So since I own the Quest I have run through many stages of issues and fixing those.
In many cases it is an issue that on a certain version you need to use PTC, then you wont on the next.

The client gets updated to versions before the hardware and then inconsistencies freak out the users, till someday ... not hours ... the versions match. In this time you have mostly switch to PTC and so on.

As long as this is beta ... maybe stick to a solution?
Link is beta, okay then release link relevant updates on PTC and thats it. But stop bugging us with switching around every 4 weeks.



Level 8
I don't fully understand what you are saying ?
Do you have an issue, or is this a soap box moan ?
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Quest with Link is supposed to work now with release or PTC, as long as Quest and PC versions are within one release number of each other.