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Pair to mobile app problem

Level 2

Can’t pair to the mobile phone oculus app. Phone and headset connected to the same WiFi 5 network, installed all upgrades, completed safety start instruction. Now it require to put 5 digit code to phone but it always show unable to connect. I have iPhone X with latest oculus app and iOS 14.4. Bluetooth is working fine with AirPods. I have rebooted phone, router, headset. Tried factory reset power+volume- to reset up WiFi on headset. The result is the same.

Still can’t connect. Shows unable to connect. When I type wrong 5 digit code, it shows “can’t find headset”, so it recognized but don’t want to connect to oculus quest 2.


It is absolute new, before me. My account is 5 years old, connected to Facebook with payment method. Pin code is configured .

Please help!