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Passthrough blacking out: Potentially dangerous to users.

Level 5

When I want to move to another room, possibly to use a different boundary without taking the headset off, it blacks out the passthrough screen when it realizes it can't find the previous boundary.


I think this is a really dangerous design decision as opposed to just leaving passthrough on so the person can still see where they're going.


Did the programmers want the user to trip over something because they'd been blinded by this?


If Facebook/Meta is going to be so controlling with their user interface, I hope they're prepared to control their legal responsibility for any injuries resulting from this design choice.


I hope we don't have to wait until that happens for this to be corrected.


I don't think we are going to agree here (although I'm having a great time discussing it, so thanks for that). As a final contribution from me, would you say the McDonalds case surrounded a safety device (the cup lid) being incorrectly fitted? Wouldn't the relevant correlation to passthrough be the safety device (the screen blackout on passing the guardian) not being totally effective because you can squint down at the floor past your nose, and therefore still expose yourself to danger? Shouldn't Meta make sure the nose gap is filled?

No, I think it was really more about their scalding hot coffee being unreasonably hot and how they relied on a (safety device) lid being put on properly 100% of the time to avoid responsibility for that.


And then human error happened and they got in trouble.


The difference is that Facebook/Meta created the safety device in question, and has taken freedom to choose how to use it away from the user and responsibility for their safety while using passthrough as such. 


If someone suddenly puts a blindfold over your face and you trip and fall, I'm pretty sure it's their fault.


Regardless of how well the nose gaps are filled.


If someone puts a blackout blindfold on me and I want to walk around, I'll take it off because I have to, realistically. If they use another blindfold but it's made of material that I can sort of see through, like gauze, I might decide to try and walk around anyway, maybe tripping over a dog, or a cable, slipping on the classic banana skin, falling into a manhole that's inexplicably appeared in my house or stepping on a rake. The usual Looney Tunes stuff


I could just as easily have taken the second blindfold off as well but in the second scenario the provider of the gauze blindfold was sort of encouraging me to have a go at walking around, even though it wasn't really a good idea. The first blindfolder was discouraging me from walking around at all, because it wasn't a good idea.


Great discussion. Many thanks.

They've done it very suddenly as you were walking out of the guardian and you've fallen and you can't get up.


Why oh why didn't you get lifealert?