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Peculiar Headstrap Malfunction

Level 2
So as many of you know, the elite headstrap has been breaking for a bunch of people. But my situation is quite odd. My headstrap isn't broken nor does it show any signs of fatigue, but when I wanted to hop in VR I noticed that one side of my headstrap was atleast 2cm (approx 0.8 inches) longer than the other. I have no idea as to how this could've happened but I want to mention that when I tightened the headstrap yesterday (and some days before that) it made a weird clacking noise that I wasn't used to hearing, tho that could be because I have to put the headstrap on pretty tight.

If any of you guys have been having this problem please let me know!

Also if any of you found a solution or could atleast answer some of my questions that would be great!

Level 9
I understand that if you firmly loosen the wheel fully it resets itself. Think I saw it on a YouTube vid.
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Level 2
I tried that but it still didnt work, neither did closing it in fully. But I actually managed to fix the issue, by holding down the short half as i retract the headstrap i think i make a gear skip on that half, thus making both sides equal. issue with this is that it coud damage or even break the gears.