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Periodic ping spikes Airlink dedicated router

Level 4

Hello all,


I have a dedicated router for Airlink that works fine for the majority of the time with decent latency. Except for periodic spikes of 200-300+ ms of latency every few minutes that usually last between 10-30 seconds. The router is connected through Gigabit ethernet to the PC and is at the very edge of my playspace so there should be no issues there. I also ran a WIFIAnalyser to see if there was any interference and it showed that there were no other networks operating anywhere close to the channels I am using. I also tried ALVR and had the same result. After watching task manager without anything connected and Oculus turned off I found spikes of activity, like the one in the picture, appearing at about the same frequency as the latency spikes.

I have tried looking for solutions or more methods of troubleshooting and haven't found any success. any help would be appreciated.



Level 9

Is it like this one?


Have you any other devices to interfere like BlueTooth? Is your smartphone BT is off? Have you any BT trackers? fitness? smart devices?