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Perte du suivi / tracking lost

Level 2

Another question :  when i bought the quest 2 , all the guardian features were ok, i could change places, my guardians were fast and easely found. But , i don't remember if it's since an update , each time i start the helmet, i have at first the "tracking lost" message , and neraly echa time i have to do again my guardians (fixed or roomscale) Fortunatly this can be done quickly.

I already tried some thing i've read about this, cleaned correctly the 4 camera, used new batteries (rechargeables and non-rechargeables), i took care about the lights, windows, mirror in the room , deleted guradian history  etc etc ...  

Note that once the guardian is defined, i have absolutly no problems with moves detection, playing games ., i can leave the roomscale and come back in .. all works perfectly, until i shutdown the helmet again.... any idea ?  


 sorry for text errors, i'm french 🙂 


Level 3

I have not been using my oculus maybe for a month and let it in its box during that time (so no sun exposure). Since I have started using it again, I experience the same issue. So frustrating. I hope Facebook will fix that.