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Phone app purchase won’t download on quest 2

Level 3

I purchased Sniper Elite VR on my phone using the oculus app. It told me my headset was offline and when I turned it on it would download. So I went over and turned on my headset and nothing happened the game wasn’t in my files at all. I went to the game in the store on the quest 2 and it just shows a spinning circle like it’s trying to load my purchase? I shut the wifi off I restarted the headset now my phone doesn’t say it’s offline anymore it says play later… but my headset still just shows the spinning loading circle. Everything is up to date I really have no idea what’s going on or why this is happening. Never had this issue before but it has been awhile since I purchased anything. Please help I just finally got back into using my headset and this is a major buzzkill


Level 3

I am having the exact same issue, just a spinning disk, the app says the download will start when headset is connected to WiFi, but it already is?! 

I reset my headset or changed the wifi from the 5ghz to the 2.4ghz and the phone now says play later but it didn’t help cuz the game still isn’t showing in my library and still has the spinning wheel on the store page 

Level 2

Oculus do not care at all, it’s all about lining the pocket of Mark CUCKerberg. My oculus headset is now nothing more than a paperweight 

Same problem with a different game. Says headset is offline but it is connected. 

Same problem, different game.

Totally unacceptable -.-

Level 2

Same problem with ALL my games. Don’t do a factory reset because you won’t be able to get them back as you usually can right now 

Level 2

Same here

Level 3

Just managed to chat to someone at support, initially you get a chat bot but if you say "I want to speak with a human" it puts you in a queue. After waiting half an hour I chatting to someone who was utterly useless. Logged a ticket, was told to wait for an email. Not good enough, it is less than a week old! I told them if it wasn't sorted in 24hrs I was sending it back and getting a refund. We'll see what happens I suppose, absolutely fuming! Should have known better than to give my money to facebook