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Playing with 2 Oculus Quests

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I have our first Oculus Quest set up and we've used it over the past year and a half. We bought a second so that both of our daughters could play together. That one we just set up an Oculus account for. The second one has the developer option to add accounts which I logged into my personal FB account and added. I just cannot figure out how to play multiplayer games with them. Any help is greatly appreciated. All the games are showing up on both. I see the multiplayer option but no where to connect the two account names or add friends. Thank you.


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creating a fake facebook account is a way to get them both banned.

Also the developer modes nothing for multi - account support.

This link explains app-sharing and multi player


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Sorry I didn't mean a fake FB account. I just have one set up that I only use for keeping in contact with family. It's not a fake one in that sense. Everything is legit. I know the developer mode is not for multiplayer but for app sharing. I was just wondering how to get two Oculus to play multiplayer. 

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Volunteer Moderator

Both headsets need to be using Facebook accounts. Older non-Facebook Oculus accounts don't have access to Oculus social features (such as the Friends list).

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