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Pokerstars in a country where poker is prohibited

Level 3
Do you have any idea how to get around this?

Level 12
Is it your country that doesn't allow poker, or is it Pokerstars have withdrawn their "service" from your country?

1. Move to a different country.
2. Start a petition demanding access to poker.
3. Threaten to overturn your government if they won't allow poker.
4. Start a real poker game, in secret, with real people.

BTW, what country doesn't allow poker?
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Level 3
I am in France so I have no problem.
However, I have two friends in Israel. They can download the game, but it won't launch. In Read Dead Redemption 2, it was the same in online games. We could go to a saloon together, I could start a game of poker, but he couldn't even see the NPC.

Level 2

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