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Potential add on request

Level 2

So I've been using the Quest 2 for a day when this thought came to my head. Why do we need a bulky cable to use Oculus Link? I know third parties have mostly figured this out (mainly Virtual Desktop), but there are still kinks. So here's a potential add-on request. A little box that slips into your pocket that contains a 60Ghz transceiver for Oculus Link as well as a battery (I'd say 5000 mAh would be respectable enough, though if necessary, you could slim down the battery capacity to make room for the circuitry) to charge the headset. Along with that box, you get a USB-C for the PC side, which also uses 60 Ghz to minimize latency. That way, you won't need a long and bulky cable to use Link, and there's less risk of tripping and falling. 


Level 12

you do realize v28 is just around the corner, air link will be rolled into the quest 2 platform, no additional hardware, 


it will be able to use the wifi 6 router to produce something better than virtual desktop.,in%20real....


then you can just plug a battery pack in the quest 2 hmd.

Level 2

But you would still have to deal with WiFi, which in my testing can have hiccups. I'm thinking a 60Ghz connection (like how the Vive Wireless System works) directly to the PC, dramatically reducing input lag and packet loss to almost nothing. Think of it like plugging a wireless mouse into your PC. Just amplified

Its all the same tech.


wifi needs a rf

bluetooth needs a rf


keep in mind the more you bump the frequency up, the range and the ability to move through materials is reduced.


wireless mouse really don't submit a lot of data, also they are almost in line of sight.


also the vive wireless adapter is 350 dollars, good wifi 6 routers are under 250.


60 ghz is really over kill, considering what virtual desktop can do with 5ghz.