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Problem playing Skyrim on Quest 2

Level 2

I'm using Oculus app, SteamVR and Virtual Desktop in an attempt to play Skyrim on my Quest 2. I have tried Air Link and Link cable methods but neither seem to matter. Anyway, the problem I'm having is with the view and input. When I open Skyrim using VD, it shows as a window instead of immersion and the hand controller is not what's inputting on this screen. When I move my hand, it's moving a cursor on screen at uncontrollably high speed. I haven't found anything in the forums on how to fix this. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?


I haven't played Skyrim using anything except Airlink but isn't the flat view in VD simply because you haven't switched to VR mode and are viewing your desktop? Try bringing up the VD menu and press the "switch to VR" button. Sorry if you are a VD veteran and have already done the obvious.