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Problems running videos in Unity (Oculus Quest)

Level 2


I've been working for a while on an unity project where I show 360º videos in Oculus Quest. As my videos are very heavy, I have created a folder inside the glasses, where I have saved all the videos.


I use VideoPlayer, so I can play the videos using the URL option offered by VideoPlayer. Currently my path is as follows "/storage/emulated/0/Videos".


So far I have not had any problems, I have been able to watch the videos perfectly, I left it for a while and when I picked them up again to continue in the project, I stopped being able to watch the videos. It seemed very strange to me and I checked the code to see if I had modified something. Neither was the case, so I tried installing an older version of the application that I know perfectly well and that works, and the videos didn't work either.


The truth is that I don't understand what the problem could be, since I understand that the application should work if I install previous versions that did work.


Has there been any change in the oculus or Unity update that prevents me from reading the files, inside the glasses? Has anyone had the same thing happen to them?