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Problems with Oculus gallery

Level 2



Have problems with the Oculus Gallery App. First of all i have opened the Oculus Gallery App for the first time since several weeks. I was surprised to seen a black vertical Line in my own made 360 degree pictures. I haven' seen them before using the App the last time.

Why is there a vertical line now? In my own made 360degree videos there is no vertical Line to See. Only in the pictures.

Now since 5 Minutes ago I cannot even Open the App anymore. It is shown a warning  Message " App is closed repeatedly" or in German " App wird wiederholt beendet". I have tried to get tun the App, but IT doesnt Work. Restarted the oculus quest and reinstalled the App several Times. Still not working. I would bei glad If someone can help me with this Problem. Thanks 


Level 2

is this quest 2

I have Oculus quest 2 and same problem with vertical black line on 360 images. I checked images on Oculus GO and they are completly fine...

Level 2

I have the exact same problem!!!  No matter what I do the line is there.  It's like the Quest doesn't know how to stitch the picture together properly.


Oculus, please help!!!

Level 2

It is the same problem here. Nothing fixed it, re-install, updating, ... always the same message. 
please help. The Gallery is my main reason bying the oculus, for 3d presentation!!!

Level 2

Same problem, so I hope supprt will fix it

Level 3

So wie es scheint ist das Problem immer noch nicht behoben. Ich habe heute das Problem noch mal als neues Thema im "Deutschen Bereich" eingestellt.