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Projecting Oculus video onto multiple screen?

Hi there! 


The university where I work just installed a new immersive video lab that uses a configuration of multiple screens to project onto three walls at the front of the room. It is capable of showing 6 different screens onto the three walls, or various combinations of those 6 screens to project a single wide-angle image across the room. (270-degree video) 


I know that I can stream Oculus Quest 2 onto a single computer screen, so that people can literally see what I'm looking at. With this video lab, it would be possible to stream my oculus to the main computer, and then just stretch the image across all screens for a kind of wide-angle view of what I'm seeing. I can do that for sure. That's not my question. 


My question is ... would I be able to ... show exactly what I'm looking at on the CENTER monitor, and then have the scenery to my left and right project onto the two walls to the side of me? 


For example, If I'm playing a scary monster horror video game, could I just stand in the center of the room where I'm looking forward, and have a group of students and co-workers standing in the room with me, tThen have them be able to see The Monster coming up on my left before I need to turn my head to look at it? 


No, I have absolutely no idea what possible educational or professional application this would have, but I think it would be a cool effect. 😂