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Quest 1 - Strange visual blurs occurring with dark objects in dark rooms ever since V27

Level 2

Hey All, 

I tried contacting OCULUS SUPPORT on this.. and they are not really giving me any useful remedies.. wondering if anyone out there has experienced this and knows how to remedy it. 


Ever since the OS on my Quest 1 upgraded to v27... there's been a lot of strange things happening.. like stuttering reboots... intermittent WIFI crashes... casting crashes.. etc. All of those are things I can deal with.. but the one new problem that started, which I initially thought was a problem with the actual GAME and not Oculus, is.. anytime I'm in a DARK room with DARK objects on the walls or on the floor.. if you move your head.. the objects on the walls and floor emit this LONG DARK BLUR which makes you feel DRUNK. I wrote to the GAME DEVELOPERS and they asked me to take VIDEO.. which I did.. and on the VIDEO it DOES NOT SHOW UP. 

Then.. to my horror, it started showing up on ALL games... even ALYX which is not native. 

Oculus support told me that once I received the upgrade to v28, it should be fixed... but... I did upgrade to v28 and the problem is still there. 

If I were to use TECH knowledge (I am a programmer and hardware assembler), I would almost say that they're trying to give the QUEST 1 the higher refresh rates of the QUEST 2 or something wonky like that. It DOES feel like a rendering issue... strange that it doesn't show up on VIDEO captures. 

I also thought it might be smudging on my lenses... but no dice.. cleaned those guys and it's still there. PLUS, it doesn't happen on normal lit environments.. only in darkness. And this NEVER used to happen before. 


Thanks in advance for any advice...