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Quest 2, 360Photo problem Oculus TV app BLACK "SEAM/STITCH" LINE

Level 2

Viewing the 360 photos at the Oculus TV app, It has a black stitch line in the photo. it is really annoying. 

I have already updated the last firmware and still got this happen, please help to fix this.





Level 3

I have the same issue, was working fine before the last 2 firmware updates. I hoped the last one would fix it but no. It seems there is very little QA going on with the firmware before release.


Level 3

I have the same even though the images are fine. It is really the oculus that adds the fully black line. Only way that I know of to hide it is by having an image where the seam is supposed to be black.  Pretty basic functionality for a VR headset. Hope this gets priority in fixing. Should not be too difficult since there is lots of video content that plays without a visible black line. 

Level 3

DeoVR player will show 360's properly. its a bit clunky but does a great job and no black line.


Level 2

Hi I'm having the same problem with this new bought VR headset. 

Before with my Oculus GO, and the Oculus gallery app I have never experienced this.

It's quite annoying, as we do use this headset for professional prsentations with 3D renderings for our clients.


Any other free an good possibilities?