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Quest 2 3D Print Models

Level 8
I am also a 3D print enthusiast and love making things to mod my stuff. If you make or come across any 3D models, it would be great to share them with each other.

Here is a link to an Elite Strap cable holder to start us out.

And here is a lens protector

Wall mount for Q2 Controllers

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Level 2
Really liked the controller mounts, just modified the bases so i could use command velcro strips to hold it up

Level 7
Quest 2 Strap Adaptor (base)

I will try and print this! Hopefully lead to getting a 3D printed head strap

Level 3
I'm looking for a way to restrict access to the thumb buttons on the circular top plate so that people don't accidentally leave the game or bring up the menu UI while in-game.

Is there a 3D printed cover for something like this? If not, how would I go about making one? I downloaded the .FBX files for the new Quest 2 controllers but they are not separate models when I open them in Blender.

Level 2
sword stock for universal games:
on Thingiverse, search for id: thing:4650941

on Thingiverse, search for id: thing:4649894

Level 5
This one is a life saver, I'm not sure I could use the Q2 for more than 30 minutes without it!

I also added this which creates a perfect pair for me

You also need to add some padding and PU leather to make them complete. Not a huge deal if you can 3d print!

This stand turned out great, I had to cut it down slightly to print on my ender 3. A good match for my Q1 on its amazon stand.