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Quest 2 90Hz lag

Level 2

So my quest 2 was lagging at 90 Hz for beat saber, and very obsious lag for no mans sky (I would say framerate is under 10 for nms). I monitored with the steamvr's tools and it says framerate is indeed around 90. Initially I thought it was the cable's issue, so I bought another ankle cable which is approved by facebook, but same issue still persists. My asynchronous spacewarp is also disabled. One day I decided to try 72 Hz again, and interestingly, beat saber is a lot better. I have a 3070 ti and a ryzen 7 5800x with 32 gigs of ram at 3200, and gpu is about 60-70% for beat saber, so pc performance is definitely not the issue here. I also tested device connection with oculus pc app and the cable is doing fine. Is there anything I can do to bump the fps up to 90, or even 120? Thanks in advance!