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Quest 2 Booting Issue

Level 2

Hello and thank you for any assistance anyone can provide, Im having a issues when Booting my quest 2. When I turn on the device the first image I see Is as square with an arrow top middle pointing down and there's 3 dots on all 4 sides of this square. After a few seconds a loading bar appears below that square. The loading bar will fill up once its finished downloading im assuming, Then screen will dim and The oculus boot logo appears but instead of its being a steady white glow the big Oculus O will strobe. left it alone for hours and the screen was still at the O forced the device off using hold down power. "Phone will not connect btw" turn it back on and it does the same boot shows square with arrow downloads something goes to strobe Logo. Waited a bit still stuck at boot logo. 

I turn off the device and get into the side menu with hold power and down on volume control and do factory reset. I get I message In headset say something along the lines of  preforming factory reset. It Resets and again goes back to this downloading square. drained battery that just finished and put on charger thats my current