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Quest 2 Controller stutter/jittery in SteamVR

Level 2

The performance graph is green. So it's not reprojection, and the only solution is to use Opencomposite, but that software doesn't have key bindings which make some games unplayable. 

Does anybody encounter the same or have a solution? Please leave a comment. Thank you


Level 2

It would be really nice if Oculus could address this. Its insane how long people have seemingly dealt with this issue and there is still no solution for it. I have the exact same thing. Oculus api, opencomposite, and even Virtual Desktop i don't get these microstutters. Its only when using Link/AirLink with steamvr. 


It doesnt appear to be performance related. frame times are good and framerate is stable. The jitters/stutters only seem to effect positional tracking. Moving around with the joystic is smooth. Why it affects some an not others, I have no clue. I have one friend with a Rift S on an intel/nvidia system who notices the exact same thing and another with a Rift S on a ryzen/amd system who says his is perfectly smooth.

Running a Ryzen 3600 with a 2070 Super and 16gb ddr4 - all hardware drivers up to date.

Level 2


Level 4

ah i think this is my issue too, assume no improvements found?

Level 2

I have the same issue, I reported the issue to Oculus support, they told me it's a Steam issue and then I reported the issue to Support Steam VR they told me it's an Oculus issue ...

Nobody wants to solve this problem

Level 4

Also now a problem for me. It was just frigging working!!!! No mans sky and MS flight sim 2020 now unplayable. Quit breaking my VR

Level 2

Got the same issue. Controller tracking stutter as soon as i connect with air link. Head tracking is perfectly fine without stutter.


Level 6

Also having this exact issue.....

Level 4

This seems like the issue I'm having. Whenever I play a somewhat demanding game on my RTX 2070 Super PC using Link it seems like it's only the SteamVR games that suffer from the microstutter problem. I played Stormland, which is a very demanding game for my PC, no microstutters. But if I play Medal of Honor Above and Beyond in SteamVR I get constant microstutters, and even worse the frame freezes to your face during the dropped frame. For less demanding SteamVR games like Espire it runs fine. Overall it seems when the frame rate gets kinda low to where the reprojection starts kicking in the microstutters get really bad. Practically unplayable.

Level 3

Thought I might as well complain aswell, not that anyone seems that bothers to provide a fix!