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Quest 2 Display is shaky compared to Original, makes me sick and CS is not answering emails

Level 2
Yes I understand VR makes you sea sick but I own and have no issues with the original Quest.
The Quest 2 does not seem stable on the graphics. The main display sometimes bounces as if you had an Iphone in front of you as the display and were trying to hold it steady. It was terrible on the first boot but after resetting everything it is better but still not right. The original is rock solid.  I have tried a factory reset, checked my lighting, change the display from auto to 60, nothing seems to help. It's almost usable but you feel motion sickness quickly and I don't have any of these issues on the original.  Also sometimes my display will totally black out to top it off and customer service has been silent for 10 days.. Anyone have a fix or is having the same issues?

Level 3
Hey, dont know if we have the same problem, does it look something like this when you look around?qkdbwawgmw5e.gif

Level 4
How are your straps etc? It's not something I'm having an issue with atm, but could be straps or headset issues dependingo n how the problem is presenting

Level 2

I have the same problem after update 25. It's not your lights, your lenses or your batteries. It's update 25.