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Quest 2 Display problem(gray bar)

Level 3

My Quest 2 with official link cable is not working properly. After a few minutes on Dirt Rally 2.0 the bottom third of the screen becomes divided from the top two thirds and is almost a grayish color. You can see through it and see the game behind it but it's definitely lighter looking. If I exit the game to virtual desktop the issue stays until I reset the headset or remove and replug the link cable. I have installed a new 3080 graphics card and didn't know of this could cause it? Also, I started using a USB C to USB 3 adapter and I don't if the signal passing through that causes it. The cable will pass the Oculus signal test with the adapter. The problem doesn't happen right away some times it takes a few minutes. Any thoughts?

I am using the adapter because the only port that will keep the Quest 2 charged while playing is the 3.0 ports attached directly to the motherboard. If I plug the USB C into my Startech USB C  card I purchased it won't charge while playing. 


Level 3

Seems to only happen while playing DiRT Rally 2.0. It did not happen after 90 minutes of IRacing.

I'm trying to attach a photo but I can't figure out how to do it? 


I have tried everything from new cables. Usb C and USB 3. Changing bitrate. Different jacks. Changing virtual memory. Deleting Steam VR. Does anyone have any information on this? I've found a couple of posts elsewhere with this problem but can't seem to stop it. 

Level 3

Just posted a reply to a similar thread, I'm having the same issue and it appears others are as well. It's not limited to just Dirt 2.0 either, I'm experiencing it in Elite Dangerous, both SteamVR and Oculus store versions. Like you I tried a bunch of combinations of different updates, settings launch orders, nothing helps. It's also NOT your adapter, I've tried running the official link cable directly through my case 3.0 port and my motherboard 3.0 port, no joy on either.



32gb ram