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Quest 2 Elite Strap Availability.

Level 2
I ordered the Quest 2 Elite strap with a battery pack when I ordered my Quest 2. I know there were delays because of issues with the product. My original order was backlogged and I was content with waiting. I recently checked my order status about a week ago and my order was cancelled without any notification to me.

So now I'm stuck checking my email for updates for when the product goes back in stock. Only for it to sell out in less then an hour when it does. Can you guys please create some sort of queue system. Or create a priority order for those that already purchased it.


Level 8
Unfortunately, this is a user and VR enthusiast site, and even the moderators are volunteers. So, no one here can do anything about what you want. If you want to let Oculus know about something you want, you need to go here.

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