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Quest 2 - How to disable Guardian?

Level 11
Hi all, 

Not posted on here in a long time. I've been enjoying my Quest 2 past couple of days but I can't for the life of me work out how to disable Guardian!!!

Please can someone help explain how to do this?

I've looked online and I already worked out how to enable developer mode on my Quest 2 by using the app on my phone but even after I enable developer mode I see no option inside my Quest 2 headset to disable Guardian.

I've been trying all day to no avail!  :'(

And 2nd question I have is, you know when your in the main menu when you first turn your headset on, I like to look about my Oculus Home but there's a big floating menu in the middle of the screen, how do I minimise the oculus home menu so I can look around 360 degrees without my view being blocked?

Thanks in advance!
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Level 2
Decided to try and it was way easier than I excpected. Wish it just came with the system though.