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Quest 2 + Link cable always disconnecting !!!

Level 2
Honnesty, im starting to be a little bit angry.
I had a Rift S and decided to get Quest 2 with link cable (100 comment, im a bird....)
My Quest + link cable 2 is on a USB C port.
Im doing racing sim and i never can get an entire session.
After couple of minutes, Quest 2 disconnecting and ask reconnecting..
Sometimes its totally stuck...

Not only in games, its like the Quest was disconnected then reconnect....

I saw many people getting this issue.

Im starting to have regrets buying Quest 2....

Is there any solutions ?

Intel : I9 9900K
Ram : 32 gb
GPU : Nvidia RTX 2080


Level 4
You are more than likely on Build 25 of the Oculus App. A lot of people are experiencing unusable situations with Link on Build 25 and no way to go back to Build 23. You will have to wait out a software fix is my guess.

Level 3
Factory reset resolved these issues for me

Level 7
Plenty of us are not having these issues with v25, and these posts have been made daily for over a year, so to immediately chalk it up to v25 and stop trying would be kind of insane. 

Level 2
I have the same issue, also starting 2 or 3 days ago. Now it is completely unusable. Every few minutes it disconnects. Very annoying.

Level 4
I recommend using the 'Oculus Log Gather' to report issues encountered with the device.
I only found about this included tool a few days ago while I have encountered issues. I am am going to assume that this will reach the relevant QA & Development teams for investigation and resolution far faster than our posts on here. 

You'll find the relevant here (your installation path may vary if not the default install)
Located: "C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusLogGatherer.exe"

Once run, set the Collection date period, and check the full logs and auto submit check-boxes, and finally complete the field explaining your issue.

I'm hoping that the more reports that are received in this manner is noticed and any priorities are changed to resolve any identified issues.

Level 3
i have the same issue in the last few days 

Level 3

Had same issue since one month, past week ive change my computer, it never happens

Level 2

On a very simmilar system here... (9700k + 32Gb + 2080 Super + Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi) and have the exact same issue...
I'm starting to feel like an idiot for paying £90 for a "premium" cable and having this issues.

Level 3

I had an issue with my link cable start after v25.  Another post suggested - go to TaskManager/Details/Rightclick on OVRServer_x64.exe and set it to real-time.  This resolved my disconnect issue.  Your mileage may vary but I hope it helps you.