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Quest 2 Link not working all the sudden..

Level 2

I've had no problem before running my Quest 2 in Link mode, and i also use Virtual Desktop.. now all the sudden i cannot connect via link or air link, i get 3 . . .'s for like 20 seconds and it times out and goes back to the main quest 2 screen.. keeps asking me to allow usb connection, then enable link then it fails, it launches the Oculus app on my PC and i hear the usb connection/disconnection sounds like its trying to start but does not 😞 I really would like to fix this as it worked before.. i really like virtual desktop but the latency sometimes bothers me, never had an issue with Link, air link is pretty bad though.


Can anyone help?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi, can you please contact us here and we will gladly help you in resolving the issue.