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Quest 2 Mic Distortion

Level 2

When I join a party chat with my friends through the Oculus Home my mic audio will become distorted at random times. The duration is also random, but on average I’ll only have 5 mins of clear audio out of 30 mins of playtime. The weird part is that my friends say it only occurs through the party chat and my in-game audio remains fine. I have had it happen in VRChat occasionally, but not nearly as consistently as it does through the party chat. My voice sounds higher-pitched and robotic on my friends end of the party and I can’t figure out what would be causing it. It seems to only be happening when I am not using the Link cable to my pc. I don’t have an external mic or headset connected to my Oculus, so there isn’t anything interfering with the Oculus Quest 2’s integrated mic. I’ve tried creating new parties and resetting my oculus, but nothing seems to have an effect. This happened a couple of times in the first week of having my Oculus Quest 2, but went away until the most recent update (26 I think?). Not sure where to start in terms of fixing this issue. Does anyone else seem to be having this issue? I’ve only found one other person via a Reddit thread, and they said they submitted a ticket to Oculus and got their headset completely replaced by Oculus. I’m hoping it isn’t necessary for me to get a completely new VR just to fix a mic issue.