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Quest 2 Mic Volume too loud in standalone

Level 2

I see a lot of posts with low volume but I'm actually having the opposite problem.  When streaming or playing games, the mic (not connected to PC) is way too sensitive.  It can hear my breathing and voice far too loud.  Is there anyway I can adjust it?  I notice that I can when connected to the PC but those settings unfortunately do not seem to apply when it is in standalone mode.  I've tried sticking foam to the mic holes without any success. The problem isn't wind or popping.  It's the fact that everything is super loud.  


Level 2

Oh, I see I'm not the only one with this problem. Haha yea, it records all my breathing too. Hope they fix this. Unfortunately, the mic array is internal. So, there's no way to put a pop filter on the whole thing. I wonder if putting foam at the bottom of the OQ2 would solve the problem? But I don't want to overheat my device. I think my solution is to have a thin, flat foam from the nose parallel the underside of the oq2 to form a sort of pop filter.