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Quest 2 Mic sounds bad and low

Level 2

Hello all

i just got my Quest 2 a few days ago and i love it.

But yesterday i wanted to play multiplayer with a freind who have a Rift s.

We started a call group in the internal oculus chat system and i could hear him just fine using he's build in Mic of the rift s.

But he said my mic was very low and sounded like i was talking into a didgeridoo or something like that.

we tried many times without any look.

at last i plugged in a headset to the minijack port and everything was fine.

is this a thing with the quest 2 in general that the mic is so bad or is it my heasdset that is failty?


yes i have searched the internet for anweres, but i didnt find anything ๐Ÿ™‚