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Quest 2 Notifications Missing

Level 2

I just got a Quest 2 a few weeks ago, and for the first couple weeks, I was recieving system notifications, such as Achievements and game downloads. I even set up iPhone notifications, which worked for a bit. I would recieve pop-up notifications even while in-game. Recently, however, I am not recieving achievement notifications in or out of game, as well as all others including my phone notifications. When I press the "Notifications" bell icon on the menu, all of the tabs are empty now. My notifications are all enabled in Settings yet I still can't see them. I'm trying to get achievements in my games but it sucks that I have to exit my game and open Scoreboards just to see if I even got an achievement. Has anybody else had this issue? Any solutions?


Level 3

I have the same issue and I only had my oculus for 15 days. They just stopped 3 days ago. Any solution yet?