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Quest 2 - PC vr

Level 2

Recently I figured that I want to play some custom levels on Beat Saber and since that's easier on PC I wanted to download the PC version. But it turns out I have to pay for the game again to get it on PC although I already paid for it on the Quest 2. So my question is if I can get Beat Saber for free on PC if I bought it on Quest 2.


Level 7

I assume your trying to get it on steam? You’ll have to purchase it a second time.


They’re different platforms, it’s basically like buying an Xbox game and asking Sony to honor that and give you the PlayStation version for free. The game has to be reworked for each console/platform, plus having it on multiple platforms could easily be abused to let many players simultaneously play the game. 

If you want more info/comments, this question is asked on here frequently and I believe there’s a search function on this forum (not positive).