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Quest 2 PCVR quality

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I’ve been messing around with my MSFS settings (again) on my Quest 2. I’ve noticed that if I select my monitor in Dash, so that the headset displays a pancake view of the sim, the clarity and colours are simply excellent. They’re both sharp and rich. All of the text is exceptionally easy to read.

But then I switch to VR and I’m back to washed out colours and smaller text very difficult to read. What this tells me is that the Q2 is more than capable of rendering an image with excellent clarity and colour, but something isn’t optimised very well for its VR view. I’ve got no idea if it’s the sim, the Quest software or the encoding code in the GPU. If we had more control over the encoding side, perhaps it would be better. Who knows.


I’d like to see other Quest 2 users try this and come back with your thoughts.