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Quest 2 / Quest Build 26.0 Release Notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of February 18th, 2021.

Bring Your Couch into VR

  • We’ve added the ability to place a virtual couch on your real couch to use while you’re in-VR. Now, after an energetic game of Beat Saber, you can head over to your real couch, see it in your virtual space, and easily take a seat and catch your breath while you watch Netflix in-VR.
  • Virtual couch boundaries are automatically saved and detected so you don’t have to re-add them each time you put on your headset.
    • We recommend staying seated while using the couch.
  • You can opt-in to this experimental feature by selecting Settings > Experimental Features
      • Please note, the experiments section includes features that are still being developed, and so you may encounter anything from minor issues to app crashes.

Hand Tracking

  • We’ve made improvements to the point and pinch gesture to make it easier to highlight and select things while using hand tracking in-VR.

Level 5

It seems there's too much friction when transitioning from standing to coach, you shouldn't have to click "couch mode" it should happen automatic. Same with being out of guardian bounds and passthrough switching on - you shouldn't have to leave VR to use couch. Or at least make optional through settings aiiit!

Level 4

The next one should be a DRINK VESSEL tracker, staying hydrated in VR is very important as you can easily lose hours without thinking about a drink which is bad. Keep up the great work Oculus, loving the hand tracking - it blows the hand tracking on my index out of the water- and 10x cheaper setup!

i7-5820x | gtx980ti | corsair h80i v2 | ddr4 16gb | SSD x2 | win10x64

Level 4

Ever since v26 was released, my Quest 2 headset no longer charges through the official Link cable (or rather, the charging capabilities have been drastically reduced to effectively zero). Even when powered off.


I left the headset powered off for an entire day, plugged into the Link cable, and it only went up from 9% to 10%. Usually when powered off the Link cable could go from near zero to 100% in about 4-5 hours. I unplugged it and used the charger that came with the headset, and it charged from 10% to 100% in just over an hour.

The Link cable still works for PC VR games, but since it no longer charges while playing, the playtime has been reduce to 2-3 hours, down from previously running for 7-8 hours.

Level 3

360 photos broken in oculus tv app. since the last 2 updates there are black vertical 'join' lines where the image wraps.

Where is Oculus QA ?


Level 3

Since version 25 my headset has been an expensive paperweight. The link audio stutters and USB C 3.0 cables only detect as USB 2.0 360mbps. I've tried 3 different USB 3.0 C cable and the Nvidia, AMD and Intel USB 3.1 ports on 2 separate machines. I also tried a factory reset. If I can stomach the now dreadful home environment performance, Virtual Desktop at least continues to be a reliable product. Not sure how much good the multiple user datamining additions will do them if the units are unusable due to poor link and home environment performance. Maybe the quality control should focus a little more on the user experience, as many of these issues (the audio stuttering in particular) existed in the beta prior to the V25 release. I opted out of the Beta to keep using the unit, but unfortunately there's no option to opt out of V25 and V26.

Level 6

Some of my friends got their Quest 2 bricked because of the v26 update. They just leave the Quest 2 unplugged to power after use. Then v26 update is not checking the remaining battery before auto-update, so the Quest 2 headset got battery drained during auto-update. That makes the headset not able to boot,  the only solution is to get a replacement from seller. 

Can't believe that this kind of naïve bug is created by such a big company.. Seriously please hire some computer science professional to do the coding part and don't forget to have the QA test before release.. I understand big companies nowadays likely to hire someone with zero coding experience to do the coding, which is part of "diersification". But please ensure code quality first. At least have code review carefully and QA test like any other tech company. Please. 

Level 5

I got the same problem... won't charge with original (oculus) Link-Cable (attached to RTX 2080).

With good old USB2-Loading Cable of Quest 1 it works... 


What's up with you, Oculus?

That's really bad!


Level 2

We have two Quest 2 and both for updated to 26.  But we have lost progression on some of the app, one of them lost every on one of the game.  Also ordered Outward and it just wont download to the headset. . .

Level 2

I also noticed that it won't charge while playing. What tf is wrong with you guys? Serious question. And why do I have to add a credit card or my phone number and have to create a organization just so that I can disable the guardian. With Rift S this was easy. And I actually just want to disable the walls from the guardian because they're are annoying while playing Beat Saber. With the Rift S one could easily disable just the walls from the guardian. This is not a option anymore on Quest 2. Your software is bad. And why the frick do I have to have a FB-Account? I will never buy Games in the Oculus Store because of this. Just using Oculus Link and Steam VR. My next VR Device will certainly not from Oculus. The Quest 2 is only a transitional solution for me anyway. I want a separate Oculus Account which is private. Fix your problems and conditions or you are going to loose a whole lot of customers. At this point I'm just waiting for the custom firmware for Quest 2 to be released. Thanks for destroying Oculus, Facebook 😞

Level 3

Please, stop adding stuff, and fix the HMD, nobody wants a couch if you can't even play in PC because the mic is not working, or the HMD keeps disconnecting himself for no reason.

The Quest 2, for the LAST MONTH, has been unusable due to this issues, a product that in Spain is worth 350 euros, my WMR had less issues than this thing in a few months, by far, and is amazing how, a headset, that have a very good specs, is by far the worst experience that I've ever had, because I can't use it.



The first, and last, oculus headset that I will buy.