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Quest 2 / Quest Build 29.0 Release Notes

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of May 17, 2021.


Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing for Quest

  • We launched Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing for Quest 2 in February and are excited to announce the release of Multi-User Accounts for Quest.
  • With this new addition, you can use multiple Oculus accounts on one headset.
  • Learn how to add additional accounts to your Oculus Quest.

Phone Notifications

  • You can now view Phone Notifications without removing your headset. You’ll receive notifications to your headset from apps you’ve enabled lock screen notifications for on your iPhone.
  • This feature is for iOS only, but Android support is coming soon.
  • If you use Oculus with Multi-User Accounts, your notifications will be secured and inaccessible by secondary account holders.
  • To begin receiving iPhone notifications to your Oculus headset, turn on Phone Notifications from the Devices section of your Oculus app.

File App

  • You’ll now be able to access, browse, manage, share, and organize files located on your VR device. Additionally, you will be able to download files from Oculus Browser to the Files App and upload files from your device to websites via Browser.

Passthrough Environment Shortcut

  • You’re now able to quickly access Passthrough through a new shortcut. Use this to set your default Home environment as Passthrough, and switch back and forth between reality and virtual reality. To access this shortcut, look for the Passthrough Home “eye” icon on the Quick Settings menu.

Light Theme

  • Light Theme is being introduced to Oculus Quest 2 and Quest. You’re able to change the appearance of system features and Oculus apps to a light theme.
  • To opt in to this experimental feature, open your Universal menu, Select Settings, then select Experimental Features. Choose Display Theme to select between a dark or light theme.

Universal Menu

  • We’ve redesigned our Universal menu to make it easier to multi-task and quickly access pinned and recently launched apps. You’ll still be able to access core system-level functions like your Settings, Notifications and headset battery level.

Night Display

  • We’ve added Night Display to your Settings. Now, you can change your display to warmer colors which may be easier on your eyes.
  • To begin using: With your headset on, open your Universal menu, select Settings, then select Device. Turn on Night Display and adjust the Display Warmth to a comfortable setting.

Record Audio with Headset Mic

  • We’ve added the ability to record your headset mic audio while recording video in VR. When you begin recording video, your mic audio will automatically begin recording as well.
  • To stop recording your mic audio, mute your mic in the Quick Actions menu.

Level 7

I also did not have the new features. No file browser, no new menu...

German Oculus Quest / Go / Link Facebook Group ... join us

Level 5

After weeks of having version 29, file browser just showed up under my apps yesterday.  Still no Iphone notifications yet, but have everything else finally.

Level 4

After few time spend on the V29, I must said this is a pretty solid and stable firmware. No more jitter in the home screen, no more tracking issues, etc... Good job. 👍

Level 10

I now have the rest of the V29 features that don't require an Iphone or Ipad. Wish air link was more consistent about launching properly. But I have other options for wireless PCVR that work just fine, and in some ways better. Not a fan of the Oculus virtual desktop UI, for example. I much prefer the layout and environments of the program Virtual Desktop.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 2

So when can we get "Android" notifications on my "Android" OS headset? 

Why did iOS get this first? Soon was Months ago!