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Quest 2 RMA nightmare

Level 2

So I have had to send my Quest 2 back twice - the first time I kept getting a black screen and the Quest kept rebooting itself. The second time I received a "refurbished" headset and the lenses were scratched really badly, probably from someone either cleaning it with a shirt or wearing glasses. Anyway I haven't been able to play In Death Unchained properly for two months and my position on the leaderboard has suffered greatly - sad I know in more ways than one. 


What I want to know is how could the headset possibly be refurbished for it to arrive in a condition like this - customer support agents from oculus have told me that they replace the lenses before shipping. When I tell them they are scratched they then say well it could happen in shipping... I tell them they had slapped that plastic protective cover over the scratched lenses and they were safely protected in shipping so this is due to the previous owner. I don't think that the ever patient support agents are aware of how or even if the headsets are refurbished - I think they just slap on a protective bit of plastic pretending like the headset is brand new and hope no one notices. I use prescription inserts on my quest as my vision is not the best which means that all of my headset lenses are in perfect condition - I am quite obsessive about keeping my lenses clean and scratch free and I don't think most users are quite as obsessive. 


I would like to know from oculus whether or not it is true that they replace the lenses for refurbs and if not what are they going to do if I receive yet another headset with damaged lenses.


Side note: I have a Quest 1 but it is unable to play the games that I want due to its processing power. Surprisingly that headset works just like the day it was bought despite multiple updates. I am almost tempted to make it forget my wifi network so it isn't bricked with that blue meta logo that I have been seeing all over reddit.