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Quest 2 Silicone Cover Too Big

Level 2

I just received the Oculus Quest 2 silicone cover today and I was excited... at first.


When attempting to install it, I was extremely frustrated to find out that no matter how many times I attempt to remove and reinstall it, the silicone cover is simply *slightly* too large to fit around the original foam.


I was very careful not to stretch it initially, but it's a flawed design because it's too big brand new. I'm sure it would also stretch out even more after a few months. Additionally, compound that with the foam compressing more over that period of time.


Every time I attempted to install it, there was a part that folded outward because it's simply too big. The cover needs to be *slightly* smaller to fit around the foam cover. Also, it needs to be capable of stretching out and still fitting tightly around the original foam padding. 


The idea of a silicone cover was great, but when you make it *slightly* too big to fit around the foam (especially if the foam is a little less than brand new as it tends to compress with use), it's useless. The silicone pops off in a different place as you attempt to work it into the small spaces and even if you shift some of the excess into the larger headband part, putting it on and taking it off shifts the large spaces back to the part over the bridge of the nose and it pops out somewhere in that area.


Make it smaller so you have to stretch it to fit it around the foam of a Quest 2 that has slightly compressed (used) foam from normal use over a few months. I'm glad I didn't pay anything for it because I got so angry trying to make it fit that I ripped it apart and threw it into the trash in frustration.


Level 15

@Vexzt  My free silicone replacement cover fit fine.  I found it easier to remove the facial interface from the headset and work the cover over the foam pad and the interface itself.  It was only slightly slack on the very middle right side but after I wore it for a few hours it seemed to fit fine.


Maybe you just got a dud?  Probably best to just contact Oculus Support and request another one imho.

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Level 2

I am having the same issue!


you really have to work it on there it worked over the narrow facial interface , just leave it on and it needs to relax.  those blown films take there own shape after a while.