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Quest 2 User Reviews and Impressions

Level 15
Maybe nice to have a thread to collect Quest 2 user experiences? 

I'll be happy to start with one from Oculus SubReddit:

First thing I noticed was the black levels are no where near as good as the Quest 1. But oh damn, that display is sharp.

SDE is NOT gone, but it is massively reduced. I notice it mostly looking at UI and reading text.

Thank God setting 2 fits my IPD best because the loss of FOV in setting 3 is really bad.

I was gutted the elite strap has been delayed for me but I was pleasantly surprised by the built in one, it feels more comfortable to me than the Quest 1 strap so far, let's see how I feel after extended use though.

This might be a placebo, but is the tracking more responsive? Just feels like a sliver of delay has been shaved off.

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Level 15
Do post all the reviews you find, but remember to describe (provide a link to) the source if it's not your own review.

I don't see Reddit users different from users in here - Reddit users can be tracked, just like in here. I'm a Reddit user too 😉

Note that nothing in my posts was cherry-picked - those were simply the first impressions I found on Oculus and Quest SubReddits. I did not even read many of them before I had posted them in here - and most seem positive to me (with the usual problems of worse blacks when going from oled to lcd, but that's expected - and most haven't had time to test PCVR yet). Most say the SDE is gone or close. 

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Rookie here... will the games I have for my Oculus Quest play on the Quest 2?

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The loss of fov at 68mm setting #3 is not as bad as 58mm #1 setting per this review.
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Btw, just scanned for new reviews/impressions - this has been posted and is very positive - probably the most positive review I've seen so far:

One word wow!

I wont bother writting a description but here have this:

  • Screen quality is amazing.

  • Display percievably (subjective) 2x better then RiftS display (the RiftS has a great display!)

  • Battery life seems decent. After an hour at lunch it had used 30%.

  • Comfort is greatly improved over quest1. I sent the Quest1 back because i couldnt manage more then 10 minutes it was that uncomfortable. So far I have only used the cloth strap and it is respectable. I will try the elite strap later. You wouldn't feel like taking the Quest2 on holiday would require you to take the elite strap.

  • Sound quality is good now! Not best in class but greatly improved over both the RiftS and Quest1. I am surprised no one is talking about this?! At one point I thought I was snapped out of VR and thought I was wearing headphones when I heard my kitten meowing upstairs in distress. It was a presence moment where I was compltely unaware that I was listening to an audio device! Thanks to the speakers being built into the unit,

  • Sound volume is really good now! Both on RiftS and Quest1 the sound volume are just pathetic.

  • FOV seems decent. On par with RiftS. Probably better on Quest2, but it doesn't feel like a revolutionary jump.

  • God rays are gone entirely unless direct black on white scenes. Much like the RiftS but there is a small improvement in Quest2.

  • The "sweet spot" feels on par with RiftS. Maybe a bit better. Its hard to say because the display is just sooooooo much better. So even if the sweet spot is smaller, the sheer quality of anything outside that lets you ignore that somewhat!

  • Responsiveness is revolutionary. No system lag. No UI lag. App launch is super fast. No frame stutter. No lag. Nothing. The new hardware is next level!

  • Watching trailers in bigscreen was eye opening. IF anything the bitrate of the trailers now cant keep up with the sheer quality of the display. You notice the encoding more then you notice any screen artifacts.

  • The display density is most definitely viable for serious usage as an in VR screen. You feel like there is a enough quality even at cinema screen distance.

  • Hands in VR is magical. There is a slight lag of hand movement to visual update but it doesn't feel pointless. It feels like once all developers implement it that it is something you will actively want to use.

  • Havn't tried beat sabre yet but tracking seems stable. I had no loss of tracking. The Quest1 tracking I found to be really poor compared to RiftS. I suspect that Quest2 wont be as good as RiftS but so far it seems solid! You dont feel like your fighting with the hardware!

  • Device temperature is greatly improved over Quest1. It was part of the reason I returned Quest1. The front just got too hot! After about 45 minutes of mixed usage today on Quest2 I felt the front of the device. It was warm but not hot. The Quest1 literally made my head sweat and gave me a headache because it was too hot. The Quest1 always seemed to fog up for me too! Quest2 has probably a 2x-3x (subjective) improvement here!

- and some just modified the sound system:

Would be great with some PCVR impressions, I have not found any yet. 

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"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I didn't mean that Reddit users are different or worse, just that I know the regular posters here better, and have more of a feel for their biases, points of reference, and level of experience with VR headsets. That makes their first-hand impressions more useful to me than those of a stranger.

People with a negative view of Oculus, Facebook, or mobile headsets in general tend to focus more on the negative aspects, like that ArsTechnica review that made Quest 2 sound like the worst VR system out there. I didn't mean to imply that you were intentionally seeking out the negative reviews, but several of the snippets you posted did seem to focus mostly on problems or negative aspects, more so than the general impression I got from browsing Reddit today.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more firsthand accounts from the community members here as we start to receive our headsets.

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Level 15

nalex66 said:

Anyway, I look forward to reading more firsthand accounts from the community members here as we start to receive our headsets.

Fully agree - I'd personally be much more interested in reports from users I know and trust, but of course we may be fewer in here and it may take some time charging and finding time to test the Quest 2. Looking forward to your review! 😉

Also happy persons may feel less inclined to post impressions than ones who got a problem - seems to fit the Index SubReddit in a nutshell. 

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"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

Level 15
I don't mind the copy/paste of redditor reviews so much. But I do tend to just skim read them without much regard, and I rarely give reddit reviews a whole lot of merit. There's something about the reddit culture where everyone is trying to appear "woke" and wants to get that reddit attention. Whereas this forum is more old school, so the emphasis tends to be more on the sharing of information as opposed to the whole, "trying to become a famous redditor." Reddit has that YouTuber syndrome.

Reddit gets a lot of publicity in the news and other sites, whereas nobody really pays attention to this forum other than us regulars lol. Because of that, the reviews from the current forum members carry more weight with me.

Level 4
Just got the Q2, and after some fiddling with the Oculus app (it needed to be re-installed on my phone for it to include the Q2 connection option) it now works like a charm!

IPD has never been an issue for me on the Go and Rift S, so I assumed that the middle setting would be the one to go for on the Q2. Setting 2 seems fine, once I found the sweetspot. Setting 3 also works, but shows the edges of the LCD display, so that's not too great of an option.. I'll stick with 2 then!

The other thing I noticed is that things seem a bit bendy when I turn my head, especially on the higher region of the view. For instance, when I look at a tree, and then move my head around still looking at the tree, the tree seems to move along a bit. Not sure if this is due to something related to my particular situation, but it seemed odd. I compared it to the Rift S, and while thatdoes it too, it's less pronounced than on the Q2. It's a bit like looking through a fishbowl. I'm sure it's due to shape of the lenses, and I wonder if it can be corrected for in software.

As far as comfort: I would compare it to the Go, though the Go seems a bit more spacious and relaxed, perhaps. The Rift is still the king as far as comfort, but I don't foresee any issues wearing the Q2 for longer times.

All in all the Q2 offers a swift and smooth experience, with possibly a few bumps to iron out. It's charging as we speak, and I can't wait to give it another go!

Level 4
I am more than happy to leave my review here today.

One word. Fantastic.

More words:
I was a Quest 1 user and the improvement in the sharpness of the display here is a joy to behold. There is no screen door effect. Everything is pin sharp. Super responsive. Setting 2 on the IPD adjustment is perfect for me, and the default strap really isn't too bad either, better than the one on Quest 1. The colours are fine - ok you don't get as deep blacks but it's more than made up for by the sharpness improvement.

The new controllers are responsive and comfortable.

I also just fired up PCVR using Virtual Desktop. Absolutely brilliant. In the high settings the quality in Steam VR is awesome. Text is super sharp. Latency under 30 ms on 5GHz wifi. I have no doubt this is a good enough PCVR headset to rival the industry leaders, with the benefit of portability!

The only negative is that I think the FOV is slightly reduced from Quest 1. It's not a major problem though. Something for Oculus to work on for Quest 3! 

Level 11
I tried the middle IPD setting (as I mentioned I'm 68mm) but it wasn't great - pretty fuzzy with an ever so slight double image. I just wanted to see the difference in FOV and tbh it didn't seem the big gap that some of those redditors think it is.

I forgot to mention that the standard strap is very easy to adjust on your head. I thought it may be a problem, but it's very easy. Did anyone see the new videos on YT by Oculus? I watched them this morning (regarding Quest 2) but don't know if they have already appeared here.

I had already merged, so when I booted up Quest 2 I got straight in with no fuss.

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