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Quest 2 Wired Link Lagging & Eventually Crashing

Level 2

Ever since the v30 update, Oculus Link hasn't been working properly. After roughly an hour, without fail, the Link gives up entirely, freeze-frames, and boots me back to the Quest 2's home menu. Trying to immediately relaunch will have it work for two minutes or so and then it'll boot me out again. Waiting for a few hours seems to reset the imaginary timer, but it'll still crash about an hour in. Even while it's "working," I'm experiencing frequent audio stutters that mess with my rhythm and drag any immersion left straight out of me. I'm even running on the supposedly stable branch, so I really don't know what's going on.
This is seriously ruining my experience, is there a fix, preferably one that doesn't require me to factory reset my headset again?