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Quest 2 and dependency of the PC card resolution and frequency

Level 3


I'm having issues with one of my two systems. First system has a GTX-1060 card in it. The Picture in the headset using Air link, is really stable and great using that system, but the other is based on a RTX-2070 card, and there i get a really blurry picture even in the main Home. To me i've tried all kinds of setting, except changing resolution/frequency on the GTX-2070 system. To me it may seem like a frequency problem and indeed there is a difference on the two systems in that regard. The GTX-1060 has a regular 1920x1080 at 60Hz on monitor set by the card. The other is connected to a TV (gameport input), but on this TV i cannot set any other that 2k/4k 1920x1080 at 100-120hz. Can anyone comments on how this may affect the picture on the Quest 2? There is also a talk about performance difference in the headset depending on which setting the graphics card is set to while using the headset. 


Level 13

it shouldn't matter which monitor you use. 

i have 2080 super and a connected 1440p at 144 hz and the link works well
i also have a 3080 ti connected for a 4k60hdr tv, still no issues

on my 1060 system it was connected to a 1080p no issues


it might be with your render resolution, encoding or refreash rate set within the oculus app and odt.

Hi Pittcanna

I understand. Well i forgot also to mention that i'm trying to get this special game Project Cars 2, to work with the 2070 card. Allthough it shouldnt matter much maybe, but PC2 is one of the few games which also renders the VR picture on the monitor natively. That was one of the reasons i asked about the perfomance issue. But now i've done a bit more research. I've gotten a good picture now when in the game using built in Oculus virtutal desktop and choosing Oculus instead of SteamVR starting the game. Although certain things has happened. As the basis picture inside the headset while in let say Home Room, the pic is very jaggy and blurry compared to the 1060. The picture in headset look larger too when connected to the TV. But now i got to set the TV to 1080p 1920x1080 at 60hz. Still is larger and blurry in headset also when Air Linked, but its quite good in game, and now i can see that the performance is better on the 2070 than the 1060. I use Link sharpening and ASW 45 fps enabled in Debug tool. I find ASW is just fantastic and i feel im in no need to push the system more. I only use 72 hz (less battery use and heat in headset) and 1.0 res. I'm at around 60ms latency which is a bit high, but i dont notice so fine. Also around zero on the overhead, so thats fine too. But i must say its way too many interacting factors to set the system up to work well. Hoping for Oculus to make this easier for PCVR as time goes by, but still keep the advanced possibilities in there for tweaking. I think some of the Debug tool functions could be built in to the Oculus PC app. Like ASW, Link Sharpening and bypass sensor at least.  The Quest 2 is definately capable, just still difficult to work with. A couple of things also about PC2. It does some things automatically under the hood. Like it changed resolution in game to 1680 something at 60hz after the changes i did on the computer resolution. But its performing well now at least. Im not really sure how things really work regarding optimizing. Can it be smart to keep Headset resolution as low as acceptable while scaling things in game more? In SteamVR, there is also resolutionsettings to be made. Difficult to understand what best.