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Quest 2 blurry? Spent the week trying to get it sharper...ideas?

Level 4
To me, the Quest 2 seems oddly blury. First, I wear glasses,
have a Rift S (got quest 2 since no word they will be making anything
other than the quest 2) and have been spending 5-6 hours a day trying to
get it to work as well as the You Tube Reviewers say it does (for link and wireless pc). Got this
HMD on the 12th by Amazon. The home screen was good enough to read the
menus without glasses (Surprised!) and very sharp with the glasses. BUT,
only the menus were sharp, the sides and distance are very blurry in the
home screen. I turned on 90 Hz but saw no difference in the blurry
areas.  Robo Recall Unplugged is also blurry when you stop for a moment
to look. [EDIT] Robo Recall may be a poor example as I do not think its graphics were updated for Quest 2? Now, blurriness is subjective but it is to the point where the
eyestrain is enough to make me stop after 10 mins or so.  The lens are
not fogging up, the HMD is not over heating.  There is a change that can
be made in the debug tool that supposedly raises the resolution but
that is on the PC and I suspect only for the link. I have held the HMD
to my face and changed the angles and distance and pressure, looking for
a sweet spot everyone talks about to no avail, I have also tried it
with the strap.  I can get it to the best position but the blur is the
same.  The IPD 2 setting is perfect for me and even adjusting it to 1/2
positions make no real difference. I tried it with a recommended third
party cable for the link and that was just a bad experience, with a USB 2
repeater cable and short USB C extension working better for some
reason. It Kind of hurts having spent the money for what was supposed to
be a superior HMD out of the box but that is really neither here nor there.
Mine is either blurry or low resolution with blur.  I have read posts on
other forums with the same problem and the same people telling them to
put their glasses back on lol! I EXPECT that this issue would be
resolved during one of the updates along with the 90 Hz for supporting
games, but with the return policy some people may not have a choice but
to return it.  If it does get fixed later they can buy it again.  The odd thing is that it doesn't seem to effect only glasses users but it is not wide spread.  Since I am new to the Quest 2 perhaps I have missed a setting or two.  Oh, can you walk around your home environment as you do in the Rift?

Level 2

I had the same problem, coming from the rift then saw a comment on reddit that the belt strap tilts up and down, tilting the strap fixed it for me!

This worked for me also, but I still went ahead and ordered the elite strap with battery to have more weight on the back and counter the front a bit.

Level 7

Level 7

aguy10 said:

yep,mine is like the text pic,it's getting recalled/replaced now......
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Level 2
Mine is going back as well

Level 3
Mine was VERY blurry, but I adjusted IPD to setting 1 and then tilted the Oculus strap up, meaning the Oculus would be a little more spaced at the bottom of the my face (more separation between lenses and eyes at an angle) and now it's much better but way more like leak.

Level 5

crezzlin said:

New Quest 2 owner.  Had the CV1 for year's.. I'm finding my image has them dam rays and also can't get a sweet spot when it comes to sharp images..bhas anyone's used some strong reading glasses? 

Do not use reading glasses with VR headsets. They do not work the same as a monitor. I believe the focal point is fixed at about two metres. So unless your reading glasses make things clear in real life at two metres, they're not going to help and will make things worse.

On that note, some people that report blurriness may be short sighted without knowing it. Again, headsets are not like monitors, you can't effectively move your head closer to the screen and "closer objects" won't come into focus in the same way they do in real life.
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Level 2
Got my Quest 2 this morning and after about 20 minutes of use I had to take it off as my eyes were hurting so bad and was feeling woozy, spent the last 7 hours trying to fix it, and my eyes are still hurting. Will either get replacement or return it. I found that the blurriness exists even if I am using only one eye, so it's not a result of wrong IPD.

Level 7
I don't understand why you think that because you're only using one eye and it's still blurry that it's not an ipd problem. Your eye is still in the same fixed position of the ipd it's at and the lenses have a sweet spot center point for clarity. It's not like looking through a flat transparent piece of plastic or glass.

Same problem here. Blurriness on the sides. Clear only in the dead center

Level 2

Same with me oculus pls fix mine