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Quest 2 doesn't track my head and the controller keeps connecting and disconnecting

Level 2

One day, it happened when I put a slightly charged Quest 2 on my head after it was out of charge. Quest 2 doesn't track my head and doesn't connect to the controller. Once every 4 seconds, the tracking and controller will be temporarily normal, but will return soon.

I rebooted many times. I also initialized it. I reinserted the Oculus Touch battery. I fully charged Quest 2 once and then restarted. Still nothing changes. Only the power button, volume button, and IPD adjustment respond with a lag.

The animation that appears first on the initial setting screen is working normally.

I use Quest2 in Japan. I have been using it for only 6 months.

Please tell me how to fix it.


Level 2

I contacted support and requested a new controller.  However with some time I figured out that it fixed its self so sadly not sure a definite answer on how to fix it but maybe this helps some???

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We'd love to help you get your controller tracking back to normal. Please send us a private message or visit our support site HERE. Thanks!