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Quest 2 for mobility impaired daughter

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I am the owner of a Rift S and have been thinking about buying my daughter a Quest 2 for her birthday.
My only concern is that as she has mitochondrial disease, she spends a lot of time in a wheelchair, and I wondered how beneficial it would/could be for her.
I know there are a lot of meditation/mindfulness apps around, and she loves Luckys Tale on the Rift.
She also like to paint, so wonder if Quill is a viable option.

I understand that the games have to be written for the Quest specifically as it uses the Snapdragon XR chipset, and she does not have a VR ready PC.
So I am wondering how big the scope for variety of games/experiences there will be for a wheelchair bound person.

I also want some clarity on the options available to us for being in the same virtual space together gaming and socialising wise.
She doesn't live with me, so I am hoping this will give us more time together (Even if virtually).

Thanks for any information you can provide.
Leeds, UK.

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Hey there,
Virtual Reality can actually be very helpful for your situation!

You can play multiplayer with your daughter, but only in games that support Rift/Quest crossplay.
You can play together in Rec Room, but not in every room iirc, so make sure to go to places your daughter can follow you, lol. You can also build your own rooms together (so basically you make your own games, sounds like a fun time for a dad and his daughter!).
I heard Altspace VR is also available for Quest. Both are free, and both allow you to basically hang out virtually.

Then, check out Echo:Arena : it's a VR sport (basically: it's handball with a disc, under zero gravity). The motions are excellent: since there's no gravity, you use small rockets to propel yourself (that you controll by pressing buttons), as if you were in space.

As for your daughter's situation: can she move her arms alright? I'm asking because the VR controllers are used to move in VR, so as long as she can hold them, she'll be able to move in-game without any issues. No one has legs in VR for now (the current VR only tracks your higher body), so we're all in a VR wheelchair, kind of, lol.
I think she'll love the freedom she'll get in VR. She'll be able to move much more than irl, so I suspect it'll feel very good for her.

Finally: I think Quill is not available for Quest, but it has Tilt Brush.

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Check which games can be used sitting, most games are rated for comfort.  The quest the most versitle headset.

Level 8
Thanks for your comments.  Yes she does still have mobility in her arms so using hand controllers will be ok.

I to was of the mind that is will give her a sense of freedom or movement she does not have IRL.
the game building together sounds like a good idea too, so thank you for that one.
I feel crossplay is limited at this point in time, and as the Rift S is basically the last of its kind, I will have to invest in a Quest 2 for myself in the very near future.
Leeds, UK.

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you could set up virtual meetings using zoom and use virtual desktop, open zoom and see each other in your headsets.

the virtual desktop can do everything on the windows desktop. except drm stuff like itunes. idk is itunes still locked on virtual desktop? but you will need to also buy the cable to join the quest 2 to the pc i forget what its called its in the accessory store on

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Should both be able to use bigscreen also, be careful though as people can host inappropriate content in some rooms.
You can both hangout in your own hosted room and share your desktop.
Will work between both platforms and also between Oculus and Steam.

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Volunteer Moderator

Finally: I think Quill is not available for Quest, but it has Tilt Brush.

Yep, unfortunately Quill isn't on the Quest. It does have Quill Theater, but that's only for viewing art made by others, it can't do anything itself.
I haven't tried Tilt Brush on the Quest, but on PC (which should work the same way) it's controls let you move around a drawing using the controllers without moving. It would be fine for complete drawing while seated.

Gravity Sketch and SculptrVR might be cool too, but I've never tried them so I don't know how well they would work seated (I'm guessing very well, but I don't want to say that without trying them).

Beat Saber and Pistol Whip are out, they require too much moving around to dodge things, including ducking. But Audica should work great (and it's my preferred rhythm game). There is no dodging or moving up and down. I just played a full song while seated and it was fine.

The Climb may be a little tricky for some leaning, but should work. I used to play it while riding an exercise bike. I just tried the Quest version, I completed the tutorial while seated.

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