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Quest 2 increasing the Frequency to 90 Hz?

Level 3

I get a bit frustrated when all the information on setup, optimizing the Quest 2 is in a bunch of You Tube videos by people. Why are there not FAQ pages or support pages that deal with this. What is the process to up the Frequency on the Quest?



Level 11

As long as your on the latest firmware, you really don't need to sidequest or anything of the sort.

the latest firmware v26:

Home menu, and browers, scoreboards etc all run 90hz

Games and other apps, the developer has to determine and patch to run at 90 hz.


if using as a rift s and v26 is on headset and pc, and the pc is capable doing link play.

Everything will run at 90 (depending on gpu capability and render scale setting)

resolution is set in render scale (in device settings)

frame limit cap is set 72,80, or 90 (in device settings)

minor tweaks can be made in the oculus tray tool or debug tool. (you really shouldn't need this though)


But really the quest 2 is a "closed" unit, you shouldn't tweak it unless your developer.