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Quest 2 is a significant downgrade from Quest 1

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The square edges on the sides on the highest IPD setting is either a manufacturing defect or a huge design failure. For me the Quest 2 doesn't even feel like VR. The narrow FOV completely kills the immersion, and immersion is the whole point of VR. I'm so disappointed I'm actually considering closing my Oculus accounts. I don't want to invest in the Oculus ecosystem if they are going to release garbage hardware like this and call it an upgrade. This may be an upgrade from Google Cardboard but it is a significant downgrade from the original Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Rift S.
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TomCgcmfc said:
@Zenbane  I agree that tracking with Q2 wireless w/VD is pretty darn good but I don't think it is anywhere as precise as Rift cv1.  Actually even my Q2 tracking with Link is a little better than wireless.  Try a few grip-and-release games (Toybox shows this pretty well) and you will see the differences pretty easy.  Wireless sometimes is like you have very sticky fingers, lol!  Also, grabbing things occasionally seem to take a few hand pumps.  Nothing is made unplayable though.

Thanks for the feedback! I've focused more no movement accuracy. But I'll definitely spend some time testing out the button response accuracy. Nothing like some VR Sticky Fingers. Sounds like a good app for... Adult VR.

Level 11

TomCgcmfc said:

Ya, I'm sure it will improve a bit over time.  Unfortunately, Quest wireless w/VD tracking is never going to be as good as wired with Link either imho.  I had this confirmed by Guy, the VD developer.  Just a limitation of the current wireless technology.  Hopefully this will also improve in the future.  It might get pretty close with true wifi 6Ghz but this requires wifi 6e devices and the Q2 is only wifi 6.  Oculus is maybe saving this for Q3, maybe with their Quest Air wireless system that is in development.  Still, for most games Q2 wireless w/VD is surprisingly very good.

Well i have to give the guy his due, his app is amazing, and when it works it works well, i have been very impressed with the likes of Skyrimvr and Beat saber, but it does have the caveat along with the link of simply not reaching full 100% of a native PCVR HMD, i mean it's nice and all to be unthethered, but i have found that games like Euro truck and Ameican truck sim really take a big hit on performance with anything but the CV/ we still have some way to go yet for that all singing all dancing HMD.

But i think with the Q2 i can now get rid of my Go, Dell Vr Visor and the that leaves me with the Q2, Cv1 and PSVR, and i still have the HP G2 to look at, and if that turns out to be as good a s the reviews then i might at last be able to get rid of the CV1 and PSVR, yes the PSVR is console but seeing as Sony just pulled a FB and dropped it from any PS5 native support, there seems no point throwing more cash at another dead ecosystem.

And to think in 2016 i thought VR was a lot of nonsense and no one would look at it twice, and today i am sitting with 6 HMDs with a 7th looming on the Horizon, can't put that VR genie back in the bottle. lol

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the g2 has a fov of 98 degrees horizontal, 114 degrees vertical. the quest and quest 2 have a fov of 92 degrees horizontal, 116 degrees vertical.

the nature of the fresnel lens is the outer edge has godrays linking the outer edge to the center of the lens, which makes the outer lens blurry.

the size of the fresnel lens of the quest is close to the size of the fresnel lens of the g2. which means a similar sized sweet spot. here's a review from today of the g2:

"I’ve already gotten used to the fit much better which has increased the clarity and ease of finding the sweet spot. I found that I had the headset too low on my face at first and just wearing it a bit higher up, almost on top of my cheek bones, helped a lot. Now that i have that figured out, I’m really happy with the clarity. You still see some blurriness around the edges so I had to move the overlays in iRacing but now i can read them just fine in their new position in my peripheral vision." 

i will watch people review the g2 on the hp reverb reddit for a month or so to see what its really like.
but mrtv on youtube says its good. however, anything good for a rich man can also be bad for a poor man, so there's always a negative to anything good. i will wait to see whats wrong with the g2.

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That's a review of the early beta-hardware - what we need are reviews of the final hardware. And especially from unbiased users. Btw, nice to see that Sebastian can count to five - would be kinda embarrassing if he held up 4 fingers 😄  

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Yes but he is holding up four fingers and 1 thumb 🙂

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i am interested in mrtv's review of the sweet spot if he says it really large or not. comparing different vr gears sweet spot to the g2.

Level 11
I just read the post above about the tracking.

I think the tracking is perfect in almost every way accept for one thing...

When my left hand is out of line of site for even 1 second it teleports in front of my face, so I have a dangling hand in front of my eye line, but it depends on the game, it's more apparent in games like Wilson's heart. You won't notice it in games like Beat Saber or any game where your constantly moving your hands and the cameras can see your hands.

Try games where you have your hands at your side like puzzle/exploring games and let me know if you guys have the same issue.

I had this exact same issues with Rift S but they improved it with patches so I'm hoping they can fix it.

I just wish Oculus patched their code like this:

My Version of code! lol:

///// If left camera cannot see left controller > Teleport hand to left leg > When left hand moves or become visible to left camera > left hand resumes tracking ////////

Can someone please email the coders at Oculus to add this line of code to their next patch? Thanks! lol  😄

Seriously though, why would you have a line of code that teleports left hand in front of your face??? Like why????? WHY OCULUS WHY!!?!??!????!?!?!?!?@134!?$!"?$12/$?$!24/!2?!!????? 

I am loving my Quest 2 regardless of this issue, movies and games look fantastic and the headset has a solid build but I really hope they fix this issue.

I really wish we could use the old camera system. I still have my original CV1 and three cameras that I got for it and I really wish I could use them because that was perfection! I miss that level of tracking, I miss it so much.

I think one day we will have tracking that good again, one day! Maybe! Hopefully! 

Those guys playing on a Valve Index must really be enjoying their perfect tracking! I envy them! lol

Also anyone still playing on Rift CV1. Sometimes I wish I had never upgraded to Rift S, I should have just stayed with CV1 as games ran perfectly on that and the tracking was great and the touch controllers was great too. Anyone here still playing on CV1 after all these years? I just really hated the god rays on CV1 but saying that, when I was actually playing games I didn't notice any god rays. Imagine they had just replaced the lenses in CV1, then you'd have the worlds best headset with best tracking!
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Level 8
i use my cv1. I have a gear vr but afaik they stopped that. the godrays on my left eye is heinous. the godrays on my right eye are ok not bad. i only use the cv1 for a few minutes at a time because thats all i can take it gets uncomfortable, so i watch a few 360 degree videos of the mmd dancer rin or miku from youtube. some trailers, stuff like that from youtube.

that godrays in my left eye is vile, i can only take so much of it. i need a vr with 73 or 72 ipd, i have been waiting but nothing yet except the vivepro. waiting for oculus is vile too i bet they only make small ipd vr from now on.

Level 2
Are you kidding me!? Compared to the Rift S, the quest 2's display is WAY better.

Also, I think the quest and the quest 2 have the same fov

Level 7
It has worse blacks and indeed on max IPD you can see the display edges.

Everything else is a significant upgrade, straps, resolution, chipset capabilities, connection possibilities, weight and fit, build quality (less complex means less prone to break but it's still better on all these points), all that for cheaper.

The lenses are the same still as Go and Rift S. As long as you don't see those edges, FOV is exactly the same.