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Quest 2 left analogue stick drift's to the right.

Level 3

I bought my headset about 9 months ago and I started getting drift about a month into using it. If I move the left analog in any direction and release it, it will return to the center but in-game it drifts to the right. It's analogue drift, a problem that my original PS1 controllers don't even suffer from.


None of the temporary "fixes" work for more than a few minutes.

I don't have the patience to load my controller down with contact cleaner and wait an hour for it to dry every day.

Running a toothpick around the edge will do literally nothing that wiggling the stick wouldn't do.

And Blowing into the analogue stick like it's a dusty N64 cart will just literally waste your breath.

The only real solution would be for Oculus to actually produce a quality controller to replace the paper weight they shipped with the headset, or at the very least give us custom deadzone settings, because buying a replacement controller, or sending your faulty controller in to get "repaired" will not solve the issue.


Level 2

Same with me, I bought my headset 6 months ago and stickdrift randomly started happening, It drifts to the right and is on my left controller. Could it have been a factory fault?

It's a design flaw with the joystick. It's identical to the Switch Joy-Con drift, which also only occurs on the left joystick.