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Quest 2 left controller desync

Level 2
I was playing Beat Saber and the controller was working fine, during the same play session, I went to play Population One and the controller desynced. I thought that the battery was low so I took it out and put another in it and the sync got even worse. I unpaired the controller, then I repaired, reset headset (not factory) and none of that worked. The controller cuts in and out of sync for a split second before it drifts away again. I do not know if it is something to do with the controller or the headset but I do not want to buy a new one. I have not abused or dropped it.

Level 2
Also in the boundary reset you see the lights flashing on the controller ring only on the left side. There is no flashing on the right side which could be the problem but I do not know howto fix it.

Level 7
Your left controller is not syncing but your right one is the one not flashing the lights?. Shift your batteries around a bit in case it's a bad contact. Make sure your batteries are 1.5v. Not 1.2v. Factory resets are pretty quick overall and can do wonders. I heard SideQuest can backup many apps so you don't loose progress. I haven't looked into this problem much so I can't think of anything else.