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Quest 2 menu bug

Level 2

I bought my quest 2 a few months ago and I was having fun, but none of my friend had a vr headset so I decided to buy a link cable, so I could play games that worked on pc and vr when it came I tried it and it wasn't working so well, so I tried air link. The first time I used air link it went great, after a few hours I got an error from AMD and I got disconected from the pc, I was also a bit tiered and I took a short brake. When I started playing again and tried to connect to the pc it didn't work and my menu froze and then closed itself and i couldn't open it again, I tried restarting and turning the power on and off, but for nothing, so I decided to do a factory reset. After the factory reset everything was fine but when I tried to connect to my pc via air link the same thing happened, can someone please help me