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Quest 2 performance settings

Level 3
Just curious if someone with a similar computer set up is running around same graphics settings through link and virtual desktop. Just upped sdd and ram and havent tested everything yet.

Computer is omen 15 laptop
I7 9th gen 9750h @2.6 thx
32 gb ddr4 ram
Nvidia gtx 1660 ti 6gb you
2 tb m.2 ssd with 10% partition dedicated to optimize

So far been able to run most at high settings, having issues with latency in virtual desktop but my internet isn't the greatest so probably the problem. In VD using med graphics, 72 or 80 fps, 55 Mb. Through link I haven't changed any steam or steam VR settings yet. Before ram upgrade could only run asgards wrath on low, havent played since upgrade. Just tried half life alyx after upgrade and ran on straight medium, left all advanced settings alone. Ran pretty smooth, but feel like maybe tweaking steam vr and/or something else should help a bit.

Level 7
I would love to be wrong, but in my experience the Steam VR settings do nothing to Quest link(I’ve never done VD). I’ve turned it all the way up and launched Fallout VR, which should absolutely murder my computer, and noticed no difference from when I turn it all the way down. With an RTX2060 there should definitely be a very noticeable difference (and the high end should be crashing my computer for sure)

Edit: When I use the FalloutVR configuration tool (I know this doesn’t apply to other things), and even slightly change the resolution, I can tell. So it’s not me just not being able to tell. Also I’m pretty experienced with messing with graphics in games, so it’s 100% not working for me, but maybe it is for others? Can anyone clear this up? Otherwise my link works fine. 

Level 3
Tweaked little bit in debug tool, set steam vr to 100% render instead of auto, turned graphics to 90 hrz and 1.3 render resolution in oculus app settings. Still playing with sidequest settings for upping stand alone, but so far happy with tweaks. Looks like half life will run on high if not turning just shadows down. Running these settings with a crappy 60mbps internet through 5ghz router Wi-Fi instead of wired and I get 30-40 latency at about 72-80 fps in VD. Still playing around with the settings here too, but think wired connection and better internet would help more.

Level 3
After reading a bit more of what people have tested, unsure of what if anything helps in ODT after latest patch. Seems I get best performance right now with ODT left alone, oculus app at 90 hrz and 1.3-1.4 sampling (1.7 was a little jittery in half life on high and medium settings) and currently using 62% render on steam vr settings. Going to play with steam render rate between 62 and 100 and see how that affects, and might mess with ODT but seemed when I'd go 300 bitrate and default or 3664 render it was jittery, wasnt stuttering or laggy but could tell not smooth