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Quest 2 render resolution too low for selected games, needs better quality control please

Level 5

Dear Oculus, please set a minimum render resolution for games you approve on the store

Hi, many games on Quest 2 runs at good render resolution, but few doesn't. When a game on Quest 2 runs at low resolution (which correspond to 1440 pixels) his cause eye straining, and ruin the experience.
If you can ask developers to respect certain standards the situation will improve certainly.
I don't want to make names of developers and games in the specific, I just hope you can do something.
1440 pixel is too low for a quest 2 game, me and my friends truly fatigue to look with eyes fatigue. We even asked to developers to fix this because we tested that the same game runs with problems of frame rate rising up the resolution from 1440 pixel to 2048 pixel using sidequest to force quest 2 to render at higher resolution. But devs don't want to help.
Thanks for your attention 🙂


Level 5

It may be worth investigating if it's an upscaling problem. Because, for example, the original
Rift S has the resolution of 1440 × 1280 px per each eye. It was sharp and clear. But if you simulate the sane resolution on Quest 2 it's very muddy and cause eye straining.

Hey Dan108_,


We appreciate you brining this to our attention. While we cannot make any promises, we would like to direct you to our uservoice forums and ask you to submit this idea there. Uservoice allows us to keep better track of ideas and suggestions, like this one!


Uservoice Link: Click Here

Hi Community Manager, thanks for your suggestion. I have successfully submitted the idea, you can read it here:


Have a nice day,